Employees are the volunteer ambassadors of BASF’s Science Education programs. In fact, BASF’s relationship with the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF), which organizes the You Be The Chemist Challenge, was initially established in 2007 at the site level through a relationship with the African-American Employee Group (AAEG). After successful events were held in North Carolina, South Carolina and New Jersey, AAEG members from the regional chapter shared their success story with others throughout BASF. Through their efforts, BASF officially became a sponsor of the event in 2012. “Our goal is to ignite a passion in students to follow their interests in a STEM-related education or career,” said Molly Borst, BASF’s STEM Education Manager in North America. “Our increased commitment to support STEM education is critical, now more than ever. By pairing STEM with fun, hands-on opportunities, we’re helping to explore connections between science and their world.” Here’s a closer look at the engaging and inspiring programs BASF offers students from preschool through high school:
A belief in a better future is fundamental to not only BASF, but to our employees. Every day, we see the impact our work has on the world: from cleaning the planet’s drinking water to helping the world grow the food it needs, the power of science is awe-inspiring. And at the root of it all is one thing: education. For nearly 20 years, we have been educating future chemists, engineers and more in various countries around the globe. In North America, the Science Education program will soon celebrate its ten-year anniversary. Supporting the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields is not only a point of pride for BASF, but also an essential component of our future success. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the global competitiveness of the United States will be largely rooted in STEM-related fields. The problems faced by our world today can only be solved with innovative, technology-driven solutions. A well-educated and focused cohort of citizens will be challenged with identifying complicated problems, disentangling them and implementing meaningful changes. So, why aren’t more students majoring in STEM disciplines or going into careers in this field? The problem, historically, has been a lack of exposure and access. Proudly, BASF’s Science Education programs are changing that every day. Since its inception, approximately 470,000 students ages 4-18 have participated in a BASF Science Education program. Through Kids’ Lab alone, approximately 35,000 students per year are introduced to the fundamentals of chemistry and begin to see its impact on the world. Nearly one-quarter of Kids’ Lab participants in North America have been introduced to the program through employee engagement initiatives.
Approximately 470,000 students ages 4-18 have participated in a BASF Science Education program
This hands-on science program is tailored to engage students ages 4−12. The youngest students in this program are introduced to chemistry as a concept and begin to understand that it is found in many aspects of their lives. Participants explore chemistry through safe and engaging experiments, demonstrations and interactive Q&A sessions.
Kids' Lab
This chemistry program is geared towards students interested in learning about college and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students who complete the Teens’ Lab program are eligible for a University of South Alabama scholarship and a summer internship at the BASF facility in McIntosh, Alabama.
Teens' Lab
Science Academy offers college-level chemistry and business experience to outstanding high school seniors. Students are exposed to the advanced science and business applications utilized in technology-based workforces. This two-week summer residential program is offered in partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey.
Science Academy
Designed to reinforce technical skills through hands-on activities, this program is offered to 11th and 12th grade students. This program allows students to engage with industry professionals who provide insight and guidance into potential careers. TECH Academy not only provides an educational experience to local students, but also supports BASF’s workforce development objectives.
TECH Academy
BASF is a continued Platinum Sponsor of the national challenge that inspires on-going study and careers in chemistry. Geared towards students in grades 5-8, participants are quizzed on various chemistry concepts in a format that both educates and entertains. The You Be The Chemist Challenge is provided through our partnership with the Chemical Education Foundation.
You Be The Chemist Challenge
Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders through Science Education in North America
Investing in the future
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